The gods of Soil are not as active as gods from other worlds. They are more elemental in nature and seldom interact with the mortal world personally, limiting their interaction to the granting of spells, and the occasional unsolicited miracle, grand, but without explanation.

Solace is the Sun god of Soil and much beloved. All of the races worship Solace, though he has taken on the humans as wards. It was he who imbued champions and presumably convinced the other gods to follow suit. He is credited with ending the Scourge as his was the first hero, the one who recruited the others. His domains are Hope, Life, and Sun.

  • Protect the weak and helpless.
  • Show mercy and compassion, binging relief from hunger and disease.
  • Promote peace and harmony between all life.

Gementi is the god associated with the element of Air. He is the patron deity of the Eladrin and the Feywild. His domains are Arcana, Storm, and Winter. During the Scourge, he opened the Feywild to the Eladrin as a sanctuary. All weather is attributed to him.

  • Show skill by mastering blade and magic.
  • Do not become attached to any place, travel throughout the lands.
  • Study and create new magic, new spells, new artifacts.

Marmore is the god of earth and stone, patron of the dwarves. Her domains are Darkness, Death, and Fate, all things which are unknowable, omnipresent, and most importantly inevitable. The dwarves burowed deep inside her for protection during the Scourge.

  • Trust in fate, follow its lead.
  • Do not fear death, your time will come when it is appointed, no sooner, no later.
  • Stop people from trying to view the future, it only brings sorrow.

Amentia is the god of flame in all its aspects. Her domains are Destruction, Love, and Madness. She is the patron of the Dragonborn.

  • Live life fully, let your emotions run free.
  • Care for the insane.
  • Promote love in all of its forms.

Obice is the god of water, he jealously protects all that he lays claim to, including the halflings who fled to him during the Scourge. His domains are Luck, Protection, and the Sea.

  • Protect that which is in your care with all of your might.
  • Trust in chance, for it is there that he offers omens.
  • Hunt and destroy abominations, those that would encroach on this world.

Zizania is the god of nature, plants, and animals, as well as the patron of the Elves. Her domains are Vengance, War, and Wilderness.

  • Develop the skills of war so that you might defend yourself.
  • Repay harm dealt to you tenfold.
  • Protect the natural cycles of nature, as well as natural areas.

Calidi is the god of books and learning, as well as the patron of the Minotaurs. Her domains are Knowledge, Skill, and Strength.

  • Never stop looking for new knowledge.
  • Never let any puzzle go unsolved, nor any obstacle block your path.

Furta, as he is widely known, is the trickster god, who keeps the demons imprisoned on the moon. After the Tieflings paid for their demonic pacts with the demons, offering them freedom for power, Furta enjoyed the joke and took them as his people, revealing to them his true name, Uisio. Though they were shunned by much of Soil, their Champion made the greatest sacrifice of all to end the Scourge, and won his people a level of acceptance, if not trust, among the other races.

  • Tell people what they want to hear.
  • Great risks come with great rewards.
  • Change is inevitable, try to make sure its for the better.

The Orcs do not have a patron deity. This annoys them to no end.


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